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Cascade Crest Tools

Premium Saltwater Kit

Premium Saltwater Kit

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Premium Saltwater Kit: Includes our Crest 450 Saltwater Vise, Extended Whip Finisher, Ceramic Tipped Bobbin, Threader Bodkin Combo, and Scissors. 210 Threads, Bucktail Pieces, Dumbell and E-Z Eyes, Pearlescent Poly Flash, Holographic Flash, Midge Flash, Saltwater Poppers, Juicy Legs, 4 different #82 Hackle Patch Sections, Tubing, Saltwater Saddle Hackle, Peacock Herl, CCT Fiber, and more. Our Saltwater manual is included

Click here to view and download our Saltwater Manual (PDF)


This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause Cancer or Reproductive Harm.
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