Custom Order Chenille

Cascade Crest Tools is proud to offer you custom chenille options. Please use this page to submit your request. We will be back with you as soon as possible with your invoice or any questions we might have. 

What can you order?

Use the dropdowns below to see what the possibilities are!
You can request up to three colors per yarn. You can select from any color on our site or describe your own. Color 1 will be your main chenille color. Color 2 is your accent color. Color 3 is an optional secondary accent. Please indicate if the color should be UV, Metallic, Iridescent, or any other special finish. We will contact you if we can't quite figure it out on our own!

New Age Chenille

Up to 3 Colors



Up to 3 Colors



Up to 2 Colors



Up to 2 Colors
We offer two different lengths for you to choose from. If you are experimenting or only need a small amount, we have a 3 yard option available. If you are a heavy user of a particular color, we now offer a 75 yard option with nearly 300% in savings. 
3 Yards
$ 4.50 /package
$1.50 per yard
75 Yards
$ 39.00 /spool
$0.52 per yard
Right now, we are offering four different types of chenille for custom order. This includes our New Age Chenille, Cactus Chenille, Tinsel Chenille, and Rayon Chenille. Each has a different amount of colors allowed, so please look above to see that information.  

Place your order

Please make sure you have read all of the information above. Provide your contact info and then add your customizations into the appropriate blanks. If you have any special requests, please add these in the Notes blank.