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Cascade Crest Tools

Basic Fly Tying Starter Kit

Basic Fly Tying Starter Kit

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Basic Starter Kit: A complete Fly Tying Kit. Contains all the necessary tools, materials, hooks, and a full color "step by step" manual to get you started.

Tools included are:
Imported Vise
Hackle Pliers
Scissors and Bobbin.
Three different style Hooks
Dry Fly
Streamer and Caddis

Dyna Floss
Marabou 2 colors.
Saddle Hackle 2 colors
Deer Hair
Master Bright Dubbing
Ultra Lace 2 colors
Partridge Hackle
Mallard Flank
Vernille "Ultra Chenille" 3 colors
Peacock Herl
Strip Foam
Cactus Chenille
Muskrat Dubbing
Floss, 3/0 Premium Thread
Holographic Tinsel
Pearlescent Rainbow Flash
Pearlescent Poly Flash and "Hydro Coat" Head Cement.

All materials are individually packaged with descriptions and suggested uses.


This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause Cancer or Reproductive Harm.
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