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Cascade Crest Tools

Basic Fly Tying Starter Kit

Basic Fly Tying Starter Kit

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Basic Starter Kit: A complete Fly Tying Kit. Contains all the necessary tools, materials, hooks, and a full color "step by step" manual to get you started.

Tools included are:
Imported Vise
Hackle Pliers
Scissors and Bobbin.
Three different style Hooks
Dry Fly
Streamer and Caddis

Dyna Floss
Marabou 2 colors.
Saddle Hackle 2 colors
Deer Hair
Master Bright Dubbing
Ultra Lace 2 colors
Partridge Hackle
Mallard Flank
Vernille "Ultra Chenille" 3 colors
Peacock Herl
Strip Foam
Cactus Chenille
Muskrat Dubbing
Floss, 3/0 Premium Thread
Holographic Tinsel
Pearlescent Rainbow Flash
Pearlescent Poly Flash and "Hydro Coat" Head Cement.

All materials are individually packaged with descriptions and suggested uses.

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