Kraken Tube Fly with Aqua Fur

September 14, 2023

Cascade Crest Tools

We created these flies with our iconic Kraken heads and our brand-new Aqua Fur in mind. Read below for a step-by-step on creating these beauties! We have listed the products we used below to help you get started!

Tying Instructions

Using a tube holder, fix a one-inch piece of 1/32” tubing. Use a 6/0 thread and start in the middle of the tube. Wind forward along the remaining half of the tube.

Next, take a small bunch of CCT Aqua Hair, (pull out any small lengths) and then, reverse the Aqua Hair so the tips are now going forward in front of the end of the tube.

Tie the shank in. Rotate the tube and do the same for your accent colors.

Add in some Voodoo Fibers and Krinkle Flash using the same method as above. Apply head cement.

Next, advance your thread to the front of the fibers. Push back all of the fibers to the end of the tube using your thumb, index, and middle finger (to form a cup).

Holding all of the fibers back, tie a small head right in front of the fibers; whip finish and apply head cement. You should have about 1/8” of the tubing exposed.  

Pro tip:

You can add multiple tubes to make a longer fly with different color combinations. Place a small plastic bead between these sections. This will give your fly more action in the water.

Rigging Instructions

Pick the hook that you want according to the species you are after. We recommend our short shank hooks ranging from #4 up to #2/0. Cut a short piece of soft junction tubing and place it on the rear of the tube. Take a small length of monofilament and place it on the end of the tube, tying the hook on. Now, slide the end of the mono through the back of the tube and pull the hook tight. If it’s too far back on the hook, you can remove the hook and monofilament rigging. Shorten the end of the tube to where you want the hook to be and repeat rigging again. 

About the Fly


  • Aqua tubes can be used almost anywhere.

  • Fish them alone as streamers.

  • They also work on foam poppers.

  • You can add multiple tubes to make a longer fly with different color combinations.

  • The number one advantage of using Aqua Tubes - when a fish is hooked, everything will slide up the leader so nothing gets in the way.

Pro tip:

Remember to make sure you have securely tied your hook on. If it breaks at the knot, you may lose all of the components!


Suggested Tools & Materials

Head: Kraken Heads

Eyes: Any color 3D eye.

Body: Aqua Hair, Krinkle Mirror Flash, and Voodoo Fibers.

Thread: 6/0 thread

Other: Head Cement

Tube Fly Holder

Sure Grip Bobbin

Any Hook 


Hard Monofilament (for Baby Tarpon)

Stainless Wire (for Barracuda / Blue Fish)


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